During the renovation of its building, the Institut invites you outside the walls!

After 6 in situ prefiguration programs in 2019 (extraORDINAIRE), 2020 (En quête), 2021 (Charles de Gaulle sous l’œil des photographes and Perspectives), as well as in spring and autumn 2023 (Le printemps and L’automne à l’Institut), the Institut pour la photographie closed its doors in December 2023 to make way for the restoration and extension of its building, which will run until 2026.


On this occasion, and until its reopening, its activities continue outside the walls:

↘ preserving and promoting photographic heritage

↘ disseminating all forms and uses of photography

↘ developing the sensitive and critical experience of photographic images

↘ supporting creation and research in photography

↘ publishing and promoting photo books

and continues to lend its collections for numerous exhibitions in France and abroad.


Funded by the Hauts-de-France region and designed by architects Berger&Berger, the architectural project will see, by 2026, the emergence of new exhibition, conservation and resource spaces dedicated to photography: 3,900 m² of total surface area, improved accessibility, restored facades and interiors, 850 m² of exhibition rooms and 650 m² of storage space, as well as open-access areas such as a bookshop, library, café, games room…