Charles de Gaulle

Through the photographer’s lens

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In anticipation of its third programme of exhibitions scheduled for autumn 2021, the Institut pour la photographie opens its doors with an exhibition dedicated to Charles de Gaulle, initially planned for autumn 2020, and welcomes lille3000 with the Young Colors exhibition, which brings together 38 young artists around the theme of colour.

The life of General de Gaulle has been abundantly illustrated by photography and television. The exhibition offers a new lecture of these images which have contributed to the construction of an icon.
The selection focuses on press photography and his television appearances, revealing the staging of power.
These images continue to shape memories and define not only a certain idea of France, but they define also, not a certain idea of France, but a certain idea of the man.

Photographers presented
Cecil Beaton, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gilles Caron, André Cros, Raymond Depardon, Serge De Sazo, Jean Dieuzaide, Robert Doisneau, Eliott Erwitt, Renée Falcke, Keystone, Jacques Henri Lartigue, André Lefebvre, Marie-Claire Lefort, Guy Le Querrec, Jean-Marie Marcel, Marie-France Oppeneau, Roger Parry, Marc Riboud, Willy Ronis.
Curator by Gabrielle de la Selle
In partnership with INA

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Young Colors, avec lille3000

The exhibition includes 38 artists from 11 art schools in the Métropole Européenne of Lille and the cities of Tournai, Kortrijk and Ghent in Belgium, around the theme of colour and echoes the exhibition Colors, etc. presented at the Tripostal in Lille until 12 September 2021.
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