The Institute for Photography’s prefiguration association includes among its members: the Hauts-de-France Region and Les Rencontre d’Arles, founding members, and has been joined by the City of Lille, the European Metropolitan Area of Lille and the DRAC Hauts-de-France.

Among its active members is the A Stichting Bruxelles Foundation,
and among its qualified personalities Luc Estenne, Grégoire Chertok and Sam Stourdzé

Marin Karmitz, President
Luc Estenne, Treasurer
Astrid Ullens de Schooten, Secretary

The Institute’s team

Anne Lacoste, Director
Henk Moens, Secretary General
Andrea Janssen, Protocol and Event Assistant
Pauline Civard, Administrative and internal management assistant

Giulia Franchino, Head of Communication and Events
Manon Tucholski, Communication’s assistant
Margaux Bricout, Apprenticeship communication assistant
Iris Sabardeil, Student Intern in communication

Artistic and cultural transmission programme
Alice Rougeulle, Head of the artistic and cultural transmission programme
Noé Kieffer, In charge of artistic and cultural transmission
Mathilde Zabiegala, In charge of artistic and cultural transmission
Chloé Gomez, Attached to artistic and cultural transmission in apprenticeship
Marie Usaï, Teacher on assignment

Marion Ambrozy, Head for exhibition production
Charles Deflorenne, In charge of production for exhibition
Guillaume Simonet, Student Intern in Environmental Development

Carole Sandrin, Curator of the photographic archives
Gabrielle de la Selle, Assistant for the conservation of the photographic archives
Élisa Magnagi, Assistant for the conservation of the photographic archives

Research and creation support programme
Véronique Terrier-Hermann, Head of the research and creation support Programme

Andréa Borrossi, In charge of the management and promotion of the Library

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