The Institut’s Grant : Photography and “image walls”

Sixth edition of the Institut's Grant

Until 10 December 2023
In the framework of its research and creation support programme

The Institut’s grant aims to develop, share and compare diverse approaches to photography – the history of photography, image anthropology, visual studies, digital humanities, human and social sciences, science, plastic arts research, etc.
The call for applications is open to doctoral students, university or independent researchers, exhibition curators and artists who are available for the committed year. The projects – publication, exhibition, design of works – must address the announced theme, and the Institute will be particularly interested in projects that focus on an issue, a programme or resources connected with the Hauts-de-France Region.

The Institut pour la photographie awards four annual grants of 15,000 euros for the design and execution of a new project.
These include scientific and structural support, and are part of a promotion/dissemination programme (about four papers, presentations or workshops spread over the year) organised by the Institute, in collaboration with its partners, in the Hauts-de-France Region or beyond.

The 6th edition of the Institut pour la photographie scholarship programme will be devoted to the historical, theoretical, or creative study of image walls. What is their place in a visual history, between the history of photography, affective ritual, the need to accumulate, immersion in images, the phenomenon of appropriation, and the visual impact of the installation? Can we then speak of image gestures, thoughts through imagery, delve into the act of creation through and among images, and question these iconographic practices in the broad context of their presence in the intimate, professional, or public sphere?

Applicants may only submit one application. Applications must be submitted digitally on the website of the Institut.
No exceptions will be made for any application received after the 10 December deadline at 3pm, and it will not be taken into consideration.

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