Research and creation support programme


The Institut pour la photographie is launching the first edition of its research and creation support programme on the theme “Photography, object of dissemination’.

The Institut pour la photographie’s research and creation support programme aims to develop, share and compare diverse approaches to photography – the history of photography, image anthropology, visual studies and plastic arts research.

The call for applications is open to doctoral students, university and independent researchers, exhibition curators and artists, regardless of age or nationality, proposing a new project – publication, exhibition or production of works – opening up new perspectives on the announced theme.

The Institut pour la photographie awards four annual grants of 15,000 euros for the time required to research, create and complete the selected projects. Symposia, workshops and events will be organised to enrich these exchanges during the year before the final works are presented at a public meeting organised by the Institut pour la photographie.


The theme chosen this year is: ‘Photography, object of dissemination’: to learn more

In response to this call, applicants must ensure that they develop a unique approach, whether in the
form of theoretical or plastic research or an exhibition proposal.

The official languages for applications to the Institut pour la photographie's research and creation
support programme are French and English.

Applications must only be submitted digitally through our website:

Calendar :

↳ 18 October 2018: Call for applications with the theme announced
↳ 30 November 2018: Deadline for applications
↳ Mid-December 2018: Jury for the selection of the recipients
↳ January 2019: Public announcement of the recipients
↳ January 2020: Public presentation of the final works

Complete rules for the research and creation support programme: Learn more

Please carefully read the rules. Any incomplete application, or any application whose elements do not comply with the standards or formats stated in the rules, will automatically be rejected, without any further justification to the applicant concerned.

For any question, please contact us at :

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