Installation and residency

08 October 05 December 2021
Exhibition / Résidence / Outside the walls

Production : Institut pour la photographie
in partnership with La Condition Publique and ParKour59
This project has benefitted from the support of Métropole Européenne de Lille 

As part of its off-site programme, the Institut pour la photographie has invited the Moroccan photographer Yoriyas to a residency in Roubaix and in the Lille Metropolis, in collaboration with La Condition Publique. 

Born in 1984, Yassine Alaoui – aka Yoriyas – first distinguished himself as a professional breakdancer before turning towards a career as a photographer in 2015. He enjoys international recognition and has recently been identified by The New York Times as an artist to follow. 

Between performance and photography, his work is dedicated to the way in which we inhabit and appropriate urban and public spaces. He documents daily life and societal changes in Morocco – particularly in Casablanca, where he lives – and in Africa. His images, taken in real time, stand out for their intuitive quality, and particular attention to colour. Yoriyas draws on his experience of choreography to offer new viewpoints. His instant shots also bear witness to a true mastery of space and movement. His interest in mathematics and chess can be seen in the simultaneously balanced and complex composition of his images, which include several layered planes. 

Invited to renew our view of urban spaces and everyday life, Yoriyas has received the support of ParKour59, which encourages and provides training for performative practices focused on the city. The photographs produced from this experience will be shown at the Institut pour la Photographie, and at La Condition Publique from 24 October.