Virtual visite of Bettina Rheims’s studio

08 October 05 December 2021
Virtual visite

As part of the donation of all her archives, and in order to keep a trace of this unique place where Bettina Rheims lived and worked, the Institut pour la photographie has launched a virtual visit project allowing visitors to discover the photographer’s world. 

In the 1980s, Rheims moved into this house-studio in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, which had belonged to the Argentinian sculptor Alicia Penalba. There she set up her studio where she took most of her photographs. The rooms were used for her shoots : for hairdressing and makeup, or cooking, and the main room, the office, was where the work around the images was constructed. 

The Institut, responsible for the conservation and promotion of Bettina Rheims’ archives, is working to enrich and preserve this emblematic space in the photographer’s career, before the closure of the Institut. 

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