Agence MAPS

10 September 29 October 2020

Production by the Institut pour la photographie
Graphic designer by Chiquinquira Garcia

With Elena Anosova, Matthieu Gafsou, Cédric Gerbehaye, Simona Ghizzoni, Christian Lutz, John Vink 


The Institut pour la photographie has invited MAPS to carry out a project in Hauts-de-France. Six photographers were given regional statistical data, the starting point for their exploration. These fig- ures ultimately tell us very little about the reality of a region and the experience of its inhabitants. A paradox specifically selected as raw material to define the directions that their projects were going to take. Far from being scientifically exhaustive, the subjects selected address both their respective sensitivities, as part of a longer term thought process, and current social issues: inclusion, tourism, rural life, immigration, agriculture, parenthood, etc.