Bertrand Meunier

This is where I come from – Residency #2

Carte blanche à Destin Sensible (Mons-en-Barœul)

10 September 29 October 2020

Currated by Horric Lingenheld 
Exhibition co-produced with Destin Sensible 


Every year the Destin Sensible gallery invites two artists to produce original work in Mons-en-Baroeul, a neighbouring commune to Lille. For this commission, Bertrand Meunier has been entrusted to find the links in what makes a region: its architecture, its condition and its inhabitants. In 2019 he started meeting inhabitants twice per month, at their home or at the foot of their apartment block. From the everyday to the ordinary, this work is an ode to what we no longer see : an urban landscape shaped by various public policies. A glimpse of marginal France, far removed from anything spectacular.