Research and creation support programme

2020 Winners

19 January 2020

For the second edition of its Research and Creation Support Programme, the Institute proposes to question the links between photography and the visual culture of the imaginary. At the end of the 80 applications received, the jury selected 4 winners for the year.


 Magical Place IV (Ucanca Valley), 2018 © David De Beyter


True Faith

True Faith is a research on the phenomenon of apparitions of religious images in Italy, a country in which two thirds of the cases of apparitions recorded in the world occur .


Photographer: male name? A profession at the source of imaginations.

This project aims to highlight the power relationships that determine images, from their production to their reception. In particular, it studies the gendered hierarchies within the photographic professions. By analysing various objects (periodicals, photographs, films…), it also examines the joint construction of social and visual norms…


The Skeptics

The Skeptics is a long-term research based on an amateur practice derived from ufology, the scientific ufology…


Tame the abyss? Photography, speleology and underground imaginations

This project aims to understand how, with what intentions, according to what modalities and with what effects photography has reconfigured the visual culture of the imaginary underground world since the end of the 19th century .